Webmaster SEO Tools

A compiled list of online Search Engine Optimization Tools to help you check your current web site. They are free, in most of the cases you do not need to create an account in order to access them and we use them often. Feel free to check and use them. Here is an overview of the powerful seo tools that are included in our Free SEO Tools secssion.

Free Search Engine Submission: Free website submission is a great way to start submitting your URL to search engines. Submit Free, one of our many free SEO tools lets you submit your URL to 120 popular search engines from one location. Let the world know that your website exists by using our free search engine submission service.

Meta Tag Generator: The use of meta tags in web pages are often required by search engines as a source of information to help them to decide how to list and rank your website. Meta Tags are not always required, but as a rule of thumb, it makes more sense to take advantage of them than to leave them out. It is a simple process to add Meta Tags to web pages. We have created this free Meta Tag generator, to help you make the most of your submissions.

Link Popularity Checker: The number of inbound links to your website is a major factor in successful search engine promotion and this tool analyzes these links. It enables you to create a comprehensive list of links to your web project and follow their dynamics by revealing new and out-dated links. The module can also analyze your competitor's websites and search for potential link exchange resources.

Spider View: Basically all search engine spiders function on the same principle they crawl the Web and index pages, which are stored in a database and later use various algorithms to determine page ranking, relevancy, etc of the collected pages. While the algorithms of calculating ranking and relevancy widely differ among search engines, the way they index sites is more or less uniform and it is very important that you know what spiders are interested in and what they neglect. Our Spider View tool helps you to find how search engine spiders pull data from your webpage.

HTML Code Optimizer: Optimize your pages for faster loading by removing all whitespaces in your HTML code. This handy HTML optimizer will remove all unnecessary spaces between your HTML tags and newline characters - it could reduce your website size by only a few kilobytes but could save you a few terabytes of traffic in a long run.

HTML Validator: HTML Validator improves the quality of your web work while helping you create more robust and professional pages. The entered URL is successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Strict and is powered by w3.org